How The CISO Fund Works

Supporting people

The CISO Fund adds capital and connections directly to people. By supporting people we can make a direct impact and tailor to their needs. The financial support for education and certifications along with connections in the industry give people an advantage they might not have otherwise. It brings an influential network to more people helping to level the playing field and bring up the entire industry.

Finding Talented people

We tap into existing networks to accelerate their work by directly supporting people. With our small size and big ambitions, trying to find the best talent in the world on our own would be a frustrating failure. Partnering with existing professional, social, education, and employment networks allows us to add our accelerators to their efforts and support people advancing their skills and career.

It’s really that simple

We don’t ask for anything in return. No debit, no obligations, not even a thank you note (though we’d frame it if you sent one).