Who is behind CISO Fund?

The CISO Fund was created by Adam Ely, a CISO, in 2019 with the goal of supporting career growth in a direct way. The CISO Fund operates with almost no overhead and relies on partnerships and donations to continue our mission.

HOw do You find people to help?

We’re an accelerant for established programs which allows us to find amazing people to help through established programs, universities, employers, and communities. Rather than spending an eminence amount of time trying to be the best at building a network of talented people, we tap into amazing networks of people to accelerate their efforts. This allows us to reach even more people with little overhead.

I have a network, how do we partner?

We’re starting slow, building the right foundation, and adding partners as we grow. We might not be ready yet but let’s chat. Reach out to us.

I’m someone that would like support from the ciso fund

We work through other programs to help us operate efficiently and do what we do well. This means we don’t typically take requests because it’s not what we’re setup to support right now. That being said, reach out, hopefully we can work together or intro you to a partner.

WHere can I donate to help people and the industry?

Donate here.