A nonprofit empowering cyber security careers

Empowering Cybersecurity Careers

We empower cybersecurity careers through direct financial support


Empowering Careers

The world is full of problems. Struggling to obtain the right opportunities for career growth shouldn’t be one of them. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit we’re unencumbered to focus on being an accelerant to programs providing education, vouchers for industry certifications, tuition, and financial support so you can learn, progress, and achieve.

Fast Facts

  • In 2019 The CISO Fund was established as a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit

  • $50,000 in donations committed when established

  • October 2019 First support provided to the community


Industry Certification

Certifications don’t make you an expert but they validate your hard work. Through our Show the Knowledge program we provide free vouchers for Secutity+ and SANS exams to those early in their career trying to make their mark through our partnerships with employers, universities, and private companies that have sourced amazing talent ready for the next level of their career.

special programs and scholarships

We believe in fluidity and that not all programs work for all people. We allow ourselves to test new programs, new models of financial aid, and new models of skill building. Suggestions and feedback from donors, industry, and those who would benefit from the program is critical and welcomed.


Get Involved

We can’t secure the world alone, we need your help. To make the biggest impact in the industry and protecting critical assets we need participation from those who can donate and those who have a network of talented people searching for that next step in their career.

Connect With us

Do you have a network oF talented but underserved people? Reach out to us.

help Others and make a difference?

Through a tax deductible donation I want to empower opportunity, career growth, and much needed cybersecurity.